Why won’t you sleep???

Dear Eirinn,

Why don’t you like sleeping?  Your daddy and I love to sleep.  We like sleeping in.  We like naps (well I do).  We like sleeping all the way through the night.  We like going to sleep. 

What’s your deal?  You wake up early, have to be coddled and conned into taking naps, wake up at least once during the night, and you are currently in your crib screaming because you won’t go to sleep.  What will it take?  Money?  How much do you need?  What about a puppy?  Or a monkey?  Drugs?  What ever it is, you got it.

Come on, baby.  Sleeping’s all the rage.  All the cool kids are doing it.  Just ask your bbff (best baby friend forever), Lucy.

Love your very tired mommy and daddy.


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