A new trick. Oh, goodie.

Eirinn learned a new trick all by herself today.  And it’s only a little dangerous.  Like one-false-move-and-she’ll-break-her-neck kind of danger. 

Eirinn can now climb onto the coffee table.  We’ll find her standing up, dancing, even hopping!  She’ll call our attention, wave her melt-your-heart wave, and start performing on her new stage.  And the more I tell her no and lift her down, the more she climbs up, which means more practice at her new skill, which means she’s getting faster.  I’m no longer a match for her speed or her determination. 

How do you teach a 15 month old about danger?  Can you?  Or do you just have to hover over everything they do and save them if they need saving?  How do they learn independence and self confidence and bravery that way?

Why didn’t I get a how-to manual when I left the maternity ward?


One thought on “A new trick. Oh, goodie.

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