We were one with nature – with yelling.


A while ago I took Eirinn and Bosco to a local nature area (I am the secretary on the nature area’s management advisory committee) to take some photos and to get out of the house for a few hours.  In theory, a lovely idea.  I though I’d give Bosco some exercise while showing Eirinn where all the birdies and fishies live.  Maybe even see a squirrel or a frog.  In my mind they were both going to have a grand time – Eirinn would rejoice in all that nature has to offer, Bosco would heal the entire time, and I was going to get some fabulous shots.

What was I thinking?  Have I met our daughter?  Did I forget that our dog is certifiably untrainable?  It turned out to be the most nerve-gratingly stressful 3 hours of my entire 27 years.

The dog started barking before we even left our driveway and didn’t stop until about a mile into our walk.  That was just about the exact same time that Eirinn started yelling and trying to climb out of her stroller.  Oh, and I forgot her big stroller and had to use the flimsy collapsible one that lives in my trunk.  Not ideal for off-roading.  During one of her fits, Eirinn threw her shu-shu (soother) overboard, stealthily.  I ran it over.  By this point I was practically running back to the car.

Worst. Walk. Ever.

A few footnotes:

1.  I do apologize ever so humbly to those who were also at the Nature Area that day.  Especially that group of photographers.  I’m sure the barking and screeching scared away anything with a pulse.

2.  I, however, did get some wonderful shots of the flora.  See?  But no wildlife (see above).


3.  I have learned my lesson and will not be taking the child and dog on walks alone.  And they will be much shorter.  And I will drug them.  With love.


3 thoughts on “We were one with nature – with yelling.

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