Our First Trip

We have never taken a trip with Eirinn before.  The furthest Eirinn has gone in the car is maybe 45 minutes in either direction.  We have never really had a reason to.  Oh, and we’re scared of the screaming.

But we got brave last weekend and drove for two hours to my parents vacation trailer.  Eirinn was fine!  She slept most of the way there.  When she did wake up she got grumpy, but we won’t mention that.  We were only there for one day and one night, but we crammed in as many ‘up north’ activities as possible.  We went boating, checked out a beautiful waterfall, Eirinn splashed in the water at the beach, and she played at the playground at the trailer park.  The only thing she took issue with was the boating.  Hated the life jacket.  With a passion.  But not before I took her picture looking cute.


 And one more for the road:


We had such a great time, we’re going for two nights next weekend!


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