I saw life as I know it flash before my eyes

I had to take a half an hour off of work this afternoon so I could go to 3 different stores to find Eirinn’s specific soother.  No other soother will do.  Apparently she chucked it overboard on a walk this morning, reminescent of our lovely stroll through the nature area.  Only this time she has improved upon her surreptitious covert operation because it wasn’t until nap time that it was discovered missing. 

When my panicked mom called, desperate that I may have stuck the soother in my purse at lunch, I thought the gods were speaking, telling me that it is time to lose the sooce.  That thought lasted, oh, about as long as it took for those same gods to nudge each other, smirking and giggling, shaking their heads at how easy it was to punk me.  I started sweating.  My blood pressure immediately elevated.  My mouth went cotton-dry.  My nervous, bouncy leg was keeping time to Flight of the Bumblebee. 

I stood up with a jolt and announced to everyone who could hear “I’LL BE RIGHT BACK!


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