This Week’s Achievements

Eirinn’s added a few more words to her ever-expanding arsenal:

Giraffe – raff

Bless you (quite clear, after someone sneezes)

Diego – Eggo (as in Go, Diego, Go – her current favourite show)

Bath – baff

And so many words are getting clearer now.  I’m now Mommy or Mom, instead of Mama.  Bubbles are bubbles, not bubba.  She says pants, sheeoos (shoes), caler not cayer, welcome for ‘you’re welcome’, and butt-fly which is almost butterfly.  Cinderella has the distinction of not only being a piss-ess, but she’s also been re-Christened Bella.  She copies me when I say one, two, three… and A, B, C.

We also learned a new song.  ‘Pee pee in the pott-ay, pee pee in the pott-ay!’  Anything to pique her interest in potty training, even if it requires crude background music.


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