Who the…? What the…?

No, you’re not crazy.  This place underwent a little facelift last night.  Just ’cause I felt like it.  I like change, so it will probably look different quite often.

Here’s a project I’ve decided to take on today: Find the nutritional value of crayons.  There must be something in there.  Eirinn seems to think they should be a staple of her diet.  She seems to prefer the orange tones, but a blue or green can be quite tasty, too.  So stay tuned for my findings.   

Durham Mom’s Night Out is going Mini Putt-ing tonight!  In the dark

Carry on.


One thought on “Who the…? What the…?

  1. Hi Jen:

    Great site 🙂 Glad Carly has shown you the light lol. Eirinn is such a sweetie.

    There must be the most nutrition in the red crayons – they seem to “disappear” the fastest, therefore they are the most tasty.

    Guess I can’t blame my kid for eating crayons, I used to sneak off and chew the bottoms of candles – even at friends’ houses … I found them tasty! Maybe that’s why I always loved the wax lips?

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