Eirinn LOVES bubbles, as does every kid, I think.  Her #1 bubble-love is the bubbles in the bath.  Her #2 bubble-love is making bubbles in the bath.  But her #3 all-time favourite bubble-love is the ones in the picture (blown bubbles?  dish soap bubbles?  what are these called?  bubble-bubbles?).  She grabs them and pops them and chases them.  For, oh, about 2 minutes.  Then she grabs the bubble making stick and tries to do it herself.  She positions the stick way too close to her lips and spits instead of blows.  When that doesn’t work, she settles for the consellation prize – a chew toy. 

Maybe now that we’ve concluded that crayons are not poison, I should conduct the same research on bubble solution.  I think I’m going to come to a different conclusion this time.


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