Meet Bosco, our fur-baby


Eirinn has an older fur-brother named Boscorelli, but you can call him Bosco or Bossy for short.  He is a three year old pure-bred Shih Tzu, although he has an unusually small head, so we get asked what breed he is all the time. 

His smaller-than-normal brain cavity is likely due to the smaller-than-normal brain that occupies it.  Not that he is stupid; not at all (although there are a few people who may disagree).  He just, like his little sister, has some quirks.  For example, he has trouble keeping his tongue in his mouth.  In fact, he can not not lick.  His paws, his boy bits, the couch, his toys, freshly lotion-ed legs and hands, the bed sheets, our face, your face, inside your mouth.  In any order (note: the second on the list followed by the last on the list is always a possible and probable combination). 

While this quirk may be extremely annoying, it just illustrates how incredibly loving he is.  He is in love with everyone, sight unseen, no questions asked.  And that is why we came home with him in the first place, even though we said no males.  The breeder handed him to me as I walked into her house (dirty trick; she knew exactly what she was doing, the little scam artist) and he curled up in my arms like I was his mommy and he was just waiting for me to come for him.


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