Girl’s Day Out

Eirinn and I made the monstrous trip up northwest for our first visit to our best friends’s’s new house yesterday.  Carly and Lucy (and Eric and Spencer Dog) just moved into a fabulous quaker style house with a huge backyard, perfect for hyper toddlers to wear themselves out play in.  This was pretty much the first playdate the girls have had where they actually played together.  First they were too young to even play, then they were busy either beating each other up (Eirinn…) or stealing soothers (Lucy…), then they were at the stage where they liked to play beside one another but not with one another. 

Yesterday they had a blast playing in a blow up pool, on Lucy’s baby jungle gym, chasing bubbles, collecting rocks, kick-kicking a beach ball.  But the highlight of the day was – wait for it – Dance Party!!!  Carly fired on some uncensored House of Pain (with the windows open – what the neighbours must think…), a retro Kriss Kross remix, and Van Halen (all ‘Jump’ songs, the best for Retro Boogie Baby Dance Parties), and the girls were giggling and jumping and head-bopping and having an absolutely wonderful time.  So much fun.  If I could have captured that much joy, I would have bottled it and sold it on Ebay as an anti-depressant because, Ho Mama!, it was pure magic.

The girls had so much fun they pooped themselves out for a good hour and 45 minute nap while Carly and I chatted and drank fancy schmancy tea and ate delicious peanut buttery-chocolate chippy bars, like real grown ups should.  It was a perfect way to spend a whole day of vacation.  And Anonymous Husband probably thought the same thing.  He spent the day making out with  playing video games on his new girlfriend computer.

Thanks for an awesome day, Carly and Lucy. 

Love, your friends, Jen and Eirinn!


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