Picture this

Is this gross?

Whilst eating fruit from a tray, Eirinn proceeded to use the pre-forked pineapple to transport the yogurt dip from its container to her tongue, where she licked it off using an unreasonable amount of saliva.  And repeat.  And again.  Pineapple makes a great spoon, don’t you know?  It tastes like barf, but can scoop a mean amount of dip.  She double triple quadruple dipped the drool-soaked pineapple into the yogurt.  That we were all using.

Not so much?  What about this – 

Midway through eating the pineapple yogurt dip, Eirinn casually laid down, face on the ground, butt in the air, right where we were eating.  When her butt was asked what it was doing, her face replied “*grunt* Poop. *grunt*”  Grunt.

Still cute?  Not gross enough for you?  Wait for it…

When she stood up from her very vocal, public “elimination”, she smiled, proclaiming “Poop!”  As in “I’m done.  You may now do whatever it is you do in order to remove said feces from my diaper because it’s icky and I don’t want it touching my flesh any longer.”  While I appreciate the information, there’s nothing like stating the obvious, if you smell know what I mean.

Because her face was sticky from being used as a yogurt dip mop only minutes prior and then used to balance on the carpet while her bum was decidedly further north, it was now caked in a random scattering of cat and dog hair.

So picture it.  Her face layered in remnant sticky yogurt and various animal fur while trotting around with quite a fragrant pant load.  Pretty.  One of those moments where you wish you had a camera ready to capture it, to be used as blackmail at a later date when she brings some sleazy-looking idiot boy around.  Oh, and if the camera had Smell-O-Vision that would be even better.


2 thoughts on “Picture this

  1. I just read your about section and realized we have some things in common. 🙂 Just little things like, my daughter’s middle name is “Elyse” too, only spelled with a “y”. Hailey also came “when she wanted to”, four weeks early! She weighed in at 5 lbs. 15 oz. Gave mommy a few uncomfortable weeks before she arrived, that’s for sure. 30 is also rearing it’s ugly head around my corner…in a month! YIKES!

    Anyway, found you through my site, MumsTheWurd. Hope you entered our contets!


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