Simply in her nature

At the local second hand store yesterday with my mom, Eirinn perused the shoe department and spotted *cue trumpets* a pair of Dora shoes in her size.  Of course she had to have them, so she took them off the shelf herself (how she knew they were her size, I don’t know…) and carried them around the store, to the front counter.  She plopped them on the counter and turned to my mom.

“Bugba.  Money,” and held out her hand.

My mom handed her the money, which she placed on the counter for the cashier.  The cashier put the shoes in a bag and handed it to her.  She hooked the bag onto her arm like a little purse and led my mom out of the store.

All of this without any prompting.  It just came naturally.  Like proper shopping etiquette and protocol is in her blood.  I think there is one ‘Bugba’ and one ‘Bubba’ who will be very proud.


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