The big “no”

How I know I’m in trouble – Eirinn has learned the meaning and the cause and effect of the word “no”, and she’s not afraid to use it.  LOUDLY.  For everything at any time.  Her response to every question is “no”.  Oh, sorry.  Not just “no”; “NOOOOOOOO!

“Eirinn, let’s put on your shoes.” “No.”

“Eirinn, I’m going to cut your fingernails.” “NO!”

“Eirinn, it’s time for a baba.” “Noooo.”

“Eirinn, do you want to go to Bugba’s?” “Nnnno.”

“Eirinn, can I have a kiss?” “NOOOOOO!

All answers are accompanied by a deeply furrowed brow, kicking, arm-thowing, and the occasional giggle when she sees me copying how rediculous she looks throwing a temper tantrum over doing something she probably wants to do anyway.

My response?

“No.” “Yes.”

“NO!” “YES!”

“Nooooo.” “Yeeeees.”

“Nnnno.” “Yyyyyes.”


Thus far I’ve been able to handle this back-talk and the tantrums because right now, and not for very much longer, I am bigger and stronger and have the gift ability to ignore (just ask Anonymous Husband).  But that will change.  Almost every generation is bigger, faster, taller, stronger than its predecessor, so she will someday soon be able to out-maneuver me.  Then I’ll be in big trouble.


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