ABC’s and 2 cent slots

Airway, Breathing, Circulation.  Airway, Breathing, Circulation. 

I just finished up a two day standard first aid and CPR course paid for, generously, by my work.  I’ve been meaning to take this course, even at my own expense, for years now but haven’t gotten around to it.  When it was offered through work at no charge, plus I get two days off, paid, how could I procrastinate any longer?  Especially now that I have Eirinn.  I couldn’t, really.  So I did it and I am so grateful I did. 

I have always been able to stay calm and level headed when faced with an emergency.  It’s just something that has always worked for me.  But with this training, I feel ten times more confident that as I stay calm I will also be doing the right thing at the right time and actually doing some good. 

And I know, know, that I’m going to be faced with some sort of emergency with Eirinn.  I’m certainly not wishing for it to happen; I’m knocking on wood, crossing my fingers, and praying to sweet Baby Jesus right now (I hope they don’t cancel each other out).  I just can’t see how a kid who dances on tables, eats more non-food items than food, shows absolutely no fear, climbs stairs without the aid of hands, and will run laps around any stationary object, can possibly go through life without some sort of injury.

But having this course also forced a feeling of Moral Obligation.  That’s not a new feeling, just one that will definitely be impossible to ignore.  Now that I know what to do to help before the paramedics arrive, I will have to do it.  But I guess that’s not a bad thing.  To be forced into being a good, responsible person?  There are worse burdens to bear.


We went to the casino last night.  I lost $20 in less than a half an hour playing the 2 cent slots.  Yes, they have 2 cent slots now for those folks who can’t afford the 5 cent slots, or for people like me who would like to see their $20 last longer than 10 pushes of a button.

I get all uptight and rigid and tense and moody and anxious and all-together-unpleasant when I see my money literally sucked from my grasp by a binging, flashy, electronic devil machine.

But the food was pretty good and very cheap (I got a tea, filled twice, and two desserts for $2).  And the conversation was excellent.  We had a few new faces come out last night, which is great.  So all in all the night was very nice.  I just wish I had something to show for my loss.  It really chaps my grass to know that it took me less than half an hour to spend almost an hour’s pay.  Good thing I don’t do much at work or I’d be really pithed.


* It has been suggested that perhaps I should clarify myself when I say “…I don’t do much at work…” I am TOTALLY just making a joke for humour’s sake.  If anyone reads this who works with me – it was just a joke.




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