Leaky diaper update

Thanks so much for your help Carly, Stefanie, swimmom, Colleen and girlymama.  Anonymous Husband?  I bid you a 😛 with a lot of spit. 

That very day, I took all of your advice down to A&P and bought a jumbo pack of Pampers Baby Dry, size 5.  She’s a big girl now, and big girls have big butts.  I’m still using the remaining size 4’s during the day because she’s never had a leaking problem when she’s vertical.

Monday night, she was dry as a bone outside of the diaper, despite the over inflated water balloon that was sagging in her two jamas.  Hurray!  Success!

Tuesday night, she was soaked again.  Boo.  Not nearly as bad as she had been over the weekend, but definitely wetter than dry, which was the look I was going for. 

Last night, dry again.  I’m tres confuzzed. 

My newly educated guess is that circumstances outside of the diaper size are causing the leakage.  I’m sticking to the whole no water between dinner and bottle deal, so she’s not over-hydrated.  Maybe it’s the bottle that’s pushing her bladder beyond it’s fluid capacity.  But I’m not ready to give that up yet.  And I do mean “I” am not ready to give it up.  She’s a near-OCD creature of habit and the transition between our current bedtime routine and what comes next is not something I’m looking forward to.  Not without copious amounts of hard liquor, medication, and/or duct tape.  For both of us.

So, I’ll keep putting the size 5 on for bed, hoping that Tuesday night was an anomaly and that the larger size really is the best solution.  But if it turns out that that doesn’t work, I suppose I’m going to have to get used to one jamas, which means more laundry.  OR I’ll just buy more pajamas.  Yes, I’ll probably do that instead.


One thought on “Leaky diaper update

  1. Have you considered not getting rid of the bottle, but decreasing the amount?

    All kids are different of course, but we have Lucy down to 6.5-ish oz. She eats dinner later than you guys do, I believe, so maybe Eirinn needs more.

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