Small victories

Score one for the tube-heads!

So, what’s that?  Like 10,000,000 to 1?  Yessss.  We’re on the board!

Well, the article doesn’t exactly tell us to let our kids watch tv, but it does say that if we do let them, the shows that I’ve been picking for her are fine and won’t turn her into some cracked raving lunatic.  Anymore than she already is, at least.  But I’ll take it!  It’s better than what we usually hear – that tv will rot her brain, that she’ll be stupider (yes, I watch a lot of tv, how’d you guess?), that she’ll go blind, that she’ll be obese, have diabetes, grow a third arm, become a dirty Commie, and only speak in tongues.  AT LEAST IT DOESN’T SAY THAT.


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