Say ‘Click’…

Practicing Attachment Parenting


If only every morning could be as funny looking as this…


A little light reading.  Of course she picks the one with the half naked woman on the front. 


A lot of our conversations these days have looked like this (note the blurriness – there is a lot of flailing going on):


Eirinn is a big girl now at meal time.  She now uses a booster seat as opposed to a baby high chair.  Being a big girl apparently entitles her to boss around everyone else at the table.  But she looks so cute doing it, we have to stiffle our laughs while resisting the urge to obey our little dictator.  Notice the Dora cup, Dora placemat, and there is a Dora bowl just off camera.


And, finally, meet Olga.  She’s visiting from Sweden.  I don’t think we’re in Bosco’s will anymore.



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