Smarter than your average bear

Now she’s getting into paragraphs:

“Lookit, Bugba.  It’s a picture of Baby Eirinn and a pony.”

I would be a whole lot more proud of her if she didn’t wake up at 2 am for a two hour long “Mama!  Daddy!” session for no apparent reason.  But even so, this little 20 month old amazes me more and more every day with what I didn’t even know she has been learning.  When does she pick this stuff up?  I always thought she was too busy running laps around the dining room table.


2 thoughts on “Smarter than your average bear

  1. It’s almost like she’s constantly learning and getting smarter and smarter that she just cannot shut her brain off at night! And then she’s just so gung-ho about getting the day started early so she can learn more once she does actually sleep!

    Haha! What a girl.

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