We make shy babies

“It” is still an “it”.  “It” had “its” back to us and had “its” legs crossed tightly at the knees.  *sigh*

Because not knowing is not an option for Anonymous Husband and I, this means we’re going to have to fork over wads of cash and do the 3D imaging.  It’s so expensive, but now we’re desperate.

So disappointed. 

However, “it” did seem healthy or at least normal.  “Its” heart rate was a perfect 140 and “it” appeared to have all of “its” expected limbs and none extra.  So that’s always good.

* Edited to note: I should have titled this post “We make shy fetuses” because Eirinn?  She is the least shy person I have ever met before in my whole life.  She was, however, also a shy fetus, pulling the old “back to the camera” trick at her ultrasound.  The expensive, 3D ultrasound at that.


3 thoughts on “We make shy babies

  1. Oooooooooooo fetapus!!!! Bad boy! Or girl! Whatever you are, you are being expensive already! Well, you tried Mommy. That’s great news though that everything is looking good health wise. Would have been nice to see some genitals though! hehe, you don’t get to say that sentence very often.

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