We’ll take Happy Hippie over Grumpy Gremlin, please

Admittedly, there are times when parenting Eirinn is not easy.  And, by “not easy”, I mean very, very not easy.  Like I’m pretty sure Supernanny would wave a white flag in defeat.  Obviously I never love her any less, but liking her can be hard on these days.  Is that awful to say?  Probably, but these days don’t occur often because I’ve learned that my daughter is stubborn, headstrong, and has an extremely large personality.  I’ve learned that these things are mostly good and to adjust my expectations accordingly.  Sometimes, when I ask her to do something (or not to do something), it’s just not getting done unless I’m up for a fight.

However, (I’m probably going to regret saying this) she hasn’t had one of these days in a long time.  She’s had brief moments where I feel myself cower at the thought that “not easy” Eirinn was making a very unwelcome resurgence, but they were brief and manageable.

For about two weeks now, she has been the cutest, most charming, and the most lovable I have ever known her to be.  She’s been exercising her manners by saying ‘sank you’ as often as possible.  Yesterday, when offered something to eat, she told my mom “Sank you anyway, but I don’t want it.”  Couldn’t you just eat her alive like a little jelly donut with pigtails?

Today she picked out her own outfit, which is a shirt in size 4T.  This shirt was supposed to have 3/4 length sleeves and have a regular length body.  On her, the sleeves are long and it comes almost to her knees.  But, by joe, it’s the cutest looking outfit I’ve ever seen.  She looks like a little hippie in the cleanest, most un-smelly way.  She paired the shirt with lace-up cargo jeans and they match swimmingly (ok, she had help with the pants, but she approved them nonetheless).

I asked her today if her current ‘tude was a sign of the times.  I said “Eirinn, are you going to be a good girl from now on?”, to which she replied “Nope!”  But she said it in the sweetest, most cheerful way, I almost don’t believe her!

She is also growing closer to Anonymous Husband.  She went through a phase, which lasted a few months, where she was a big ol’ Mama’s Girl and was very stand-offish to AH.  He took this in stride, because really what else can you do? But for about the same length of time that she has been …hmm…improved? she has been growing closer to him.  She runs in at the end of the day to give him a hug, she wants to play with him more often, and she makes sure that he is involved in all her routines. 

In fact, a few days ago they were playing on the computer together when I came to see what trouble they were getting into.  She told me “Mommy, you go away.  I on the ‘puter with Daddy.”  Under different circumstances, this might have offended me.  But I’ll take the break.

Plus, it’s his turn to feel the love.


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