I’ll take mine with ice cream

My humble pie, that is.  Although, I’ve always imagined humble pie would taste like mincemeat and I hate mincemeat.  Actually I don’t think I’ve ever tried it, but naming a dessert “meat” is a tragedy to the dessert.  Can you make it mostly ice cream?  Thanks.

Second night in the Big Girl Bed was a bit of a non-starter.  As in she adamantly refused to even lay down in the bed.  We each tried for quite a while and we could not, for the life of us, convince her to sleep in the big bed.

So I caved and put her in her crib.  But we only kept her there until she fell asleep, then we moved her to the big bed.  And there she slept until she woke up at 6 am and realized that she had been duped.  I had to put her back into the crib because I wasn’t waking up at 6.  Sorry honey.  She even volunteered to watch tv while we slept, but I’m not sure I trust a two year old to babysit herself quite yet.  Nice offer though.

I was really upset last night by her refusal.  I felt defeated and deflated by her change in attitude and I couldn’t stop thinking about whether or not giving in was the right thing to do.  I know it was only day two and day one was simply a moment of good luck, but it still stung.  A lot.

Should we have given in?  I certainly don’t want to make the bed a punishment and forcing her to stay (somehow…I don’t even know if that would have been possible.  Straps?  A guard dog?  Drugs?) most definitely would have done that.

Should we be weaning her from the crib to the bed?  Or is cold turkey best?  Should we disassemble the crib so she has no other option? 

Is this one of those instances where the solution will differ from child to child? 

Anonymous Husband had a good point last night when he was trying to make me feel better about the situation.  He reminded me that her crib has been her bed for her entire life and it is comfortable and safe and what she knows.  He also reminded me how poorly I sleep in hotel beds or in guest beds in other people’s homes.  This is the exact same thing.  The first night was a novelty to her.  There was this pretty “flower bed”, as she calls it, and we were hyping it up like candy, so of course she would want to give it a try.  But now that she’s tried it, she’ll take what’s familiar, please.

So I don’t know what to do.  I knew this was going to be a process; that’s why we started 3 months before New Baby is due.  We don’t want the baby to arrive and have Eirinn feel like the baby is stealing the crib and her room from her.  We wanted her totally used to her new accommodations.  The last thing any of us needs is another reason for Eirinn to resent the arrival of her competition.

This morning she promised us that she will try the Big Girl Bed again tonight.  AH convinced her (at least for the moment) that the crib is for babies and that she is such a big girl now that she should try sleeping in the bed.  But…she’s two.  I’m sure she’ll renege.


5 thoughts on “I’ll take mine with ice cream

  1. We had a couple of those nights, we close my sons door completely so he can’t come out of his room. I know it sounds like prison, but we live in a bungalow and everything is on the same floor. If it’s their regular bed time they will learn that it’s time to sleep when put in their room. We did a straight switch, put the new bed up and took the crib down since we only had one mattress and my son adapted.

  2. I noticed from the pics that you sent that there was no railing on the side of the bed facing out. Perhaps it might work to install one to give Eirinn an enhanced feeling of security? We certainly plan to do this with Lucy.

    I’ve also heard that starting with the mattress on the floor is a good way to transition them into a bigger bed.

    Maybe she is just a little nervous, but doesn’t have the proper tools to articulate it.

    And if it were me, I’d disassemble the crib so there is no back and forth. She probably does not understand that they baby is coming and needs it (and won’t baby be in a cradle or basinette at first, anyways?), so it might actually be better to reintroduce it completely AFTER baby is born. A pain in the arse to do, but worth it to try.

  3. Just a follow up for both the comments.

    Michelle – We do close the door all the way, but we have lever handles and she can open them at will. We put a baby gate across for added security, but she just stands at the gate yelling. I prefer to avoid yelling when at all possible.

    Carly – We have a railing for the bed, but I took it down to take those pictures.

    Both y’all – Thank you for both suggesting taking the crib down. AH and I discussed that last night and having our thoughts concurred makes the final decision an easy one. And because I always have to come up with stories for her (stories, not lies), I can tell her that the crib ‘broke’.

  4. I definitely agree with everyone in taking the crib down. Aleah was actually involved in that process too. She helped Daddy with the screwdriver and even helped carry a piece out of the room. Then before Owen came (I’d say 4 months later) she was involved in putting the crib back up for the baby. By then the crib was so history to her that she didn’t even ask to go in it when it was done to check it out. Most people I talk to who had a child who fought the big girl/boy bed just had the fight for about 2 or 3 nights so just with talking with those people, it definitely works if you don’t give in with the crib. Oh, I loved how Eirinn volunteered to watch TV in the morning while you slept!!! What a smarty pants!

  5. My neighbor has a 2 year old and they put the big girl bed in the same room as the crib and after a few weeks, she was significantly curious, and comfortable with it, to try the big girl bed. Just wanted to offer the flip-side option.

    also, do you have a book with someone in a big girl bed? My daughter will do anything she sees anyone do in a book.

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