If I know you, consider yourself warned

I don’t have a lot to say today.  Just that I am tired beyond all imagination, extremely uncomfortable what with gestating a fetus that apparently has some sort of violent tick or ADHD or a real hate-on for my innards, frustrated and emotional as a result of some cruel toddler-refusing-to-sleep/pregnancy-hormonal-flood combination, and because of all of this I am so grumpy I don’t want to talk to anyone for fear I might literally chew their heads off of their bloody neck stumps and how am I going to explain that to the authorities? (Anyone real.  You, my theoretical cyber readers, are fine.  I hope.  Just don’t get too close to your screen.)

Maybe I’ll have something witty and enlightening and intelligent to write about tomorrow, but for now?  All I have to say is — GRRRR.


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