The things I miss

Over at Baby Center, there was a post recently about things we miss while we’re pregnant.  Read it here.  Got me thinking.  While there were few on the writer’s list that I don’t agree with personally, I can think of a few things I miss, certainly.  I’m not an alcohol drinker (haven’t had a drop in almost 3 years), have never been a big caffeine drinker (and I still have one tea a week – ooo…rebel), so my list isn’t food and drink consumption-related.

I miss…

1.  …not being constantly aware of my innards.  Something is always being kicked, or pushed out of the way, or stretched, or pinched, or generally abused.  I can’t wait for the day that I can go ten minutes without wondering what kind of permanent damage is going on in there.

2.  …clothes that fit how clothes are supposed to fit.  My maternity pants are either elasticized poorly and fall down (or would if I let them) or are too tight because of the circumference of my midsection.  My tops are belly-baring because I carry low.  Underwear is either too tight (pre-maternity) or too loose (maternity), shoes cut off the circulation to my toes, and because I refused to buy any maternity clothes this time (except for one $10 pair of shorts because I nearly sweated the baby out on the weekend) I don’t have a spring jacket that fits.  Same with cardigans, so this means that I’m either too cold if I go coatless or too hot if I wear my light winter jacket.  Not that I had an extensive and impressive wardrobe before, but I miss it nonetheless.

3.  …bending at the waist.  Because I’m carrying all of my weight in my belly, I have to do some fancy sideways bending to do simple things like putting on socks and shoes.  Or I have to sit down and spread my legs as far as they will go just so the gut will fit between them.  And even with these two methods, I still have to grunt and groan and hold my breath and use a system of pullies to get myself upright again.

4.  …laughing or sneezing without peeing my pants.  I’m sure I don’t have to explain why this would be missed.  Laughing = peeing.  Sneezing = peeing.  Kind of ruins the whole satisfaction of either.  Usually I can cross my legs or sit down to avoid an accident, but the fact that I have to position myself before one of these generally involuntary events occur really does suck.

5.  …my innie belly button.  No offense to anyone who has a natural outtie, but I hate mine.  It “popped” at about 3 months and has only grown in obviousness since then.  There are very few items of clothing that conceal it.  It’s definitely out there.  Large and In Charge.  Oh, and Eirinn thinks it’s funny to pull on it.  It isn’t.  Kind of makes me want to yarf.

How about you?  Is there anything that you miss while pregnant?  Was there anything that you remember missing while you were before?  Is there anything that you think you’d miss if you’ve never been?


3 thoughts on “The things I miss

  1. I missed soft cheeses. I love feta on my salad, or brie at Christmas time in appetizers.

    Ditto on the sneezing/laughing thing, too!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for linking to my post at BabyCenter. I love your list. I have the exact same problem with maternity pants. They keep falling down, even if I buy the correct size, one below or one above. And bending at the waist … that’s a good one!

    Take care, Kristina

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