Simply a temporary personality swap, I’m sure. *UPDATE*

It’s only 2:00pm, but thus far, today has been mighty unusual.  Eirinn has decided, on her own, that she is potty trained.  Or at least that it is high time that we get our acts together and potty train her, for Pete’s sake*.  As I sit and type, she has used the potty at my mom’s house, successfully, a grand total of five (5) times today.  Wait.  That sentence deserves more grandeur.  Like a ! or even a !!!.

She has sat and made good use of the potty five times.  I’m sorry if I’m repeating myself, I just can’t believe it.  To put it into perspective, she has successfully used her potty at home a grand total of 3 times since we bought the darn thing way back in August.  In the past few weeks, when asked if she’d like to use the potty, we’ve been consistently given a polite “No sank you.”  And the odd time she does sit on it, she gives us no action.

While I’d love to believe that this is some giant milestone I can document in her largely neglected completely ignored for well over a year seriously, I don’t even know where it is baby book, I’m a realist.  I also know my daughter.

I’ll summarize my feelings for the entire day by relaying to you a conversation via email I had with Anonymous Husband. 


Me: Eirinn has used the potty successfully three times today! She and my mom just came in to my office to tell me. (sent at 11:17am)

AH:  Awesome! (sent at 1:47pm)

Me: And she’s used it twice more since I sent you that.  My mom is giving her a chocolate egg every time she goes, but who cares?  It’s working!

AH:  There go our chocolate eggs.

Me: Bag of chocolate eggs: $3.99.  Bag of diapers: $18.99.  I’ll buy you more eggs.  I’m just worried about the permanent sugar high she’s going to be on.

AH: She’ll end up going to bed at midnight.

Me: Maybe I’ll see if they have some sugar-free chocolates at the Bulk Barn.  Although, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  This is Eirinn we’re talking about.  Probably by tomorrow she’ll refuse to be in the same room as the potty.

AH: I think you’re right there.


*Who is this “Pete” and what’s he got that I don’t?  Why don’t people do things for my sake?  I like the sound of “For Jen’s sake…” much better.


Yesterday she used the potty 7 times at my mom’s and once at our house and she went again this morning before we left!  Even if this is just a passing novelty, I’m so proud of my little big girl!


One thought on “Simply a temporary personality swap, I’m sure. *UPDATE*

  1. Yay, Eirinn! That doesn’t really surprise me though. After meeting her on Sunday it seems like the sort of thing she’d do. Do her own thing and her own way, that is! She’s a smart little cutie!

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