Hide the keys and pass the soap

I suppose now that Eirinn is a Big Girl in a Big Girl Bed and going to the potty nearly full time during the day (!!!), she should be able to make up her own Big Girl rules right?  And she should be able to do everything that Big Girls do.

Eirinn tells me (and anyone else who wants to know) that because she is a Big Girl (a title earned by sleeping in the real bed), she is now big enough to drive.  Yes, drive.  Like a car.  A real one.  Specifically my car.  When I load her into the back, she gets visibly upset and tells me that she should be sitting in the front seat so she can drive and that I can sit in her car seat. 

What do you think?  Should I let her?

Also, she has taken on a more…colourful…vocabulary.  Growing up, we were never allowed to swear or take the Lord’s name in vain or even say ‘fart’ (that one was just because my mom hates the word).  Anonymous Husband’s family was allowed to swear. All of the big, bad words except eff you sea kay.  Anonymous Husband’s family was not allowed to swear.  The difference between my family and his was that we weren’t allowed to swear, so we didn’t.  They weren’t allowed to swear but they did anyway even though they got reprimanded for it.  Is that better AH?

Anyway, AH often says “for God’s sake” when he’s frustrated (and I’ll admit to the occasional use of the phrase).  Eirinn has started to say it! She’s even using it in the right context, like when she drops some Playdoh or if I ask her to take just one more bite.

The first couple of times I told her “we don’t use those words”, but now I’m ignoring it, hoping the novelty will wear off. If it doesn’t, which it probably won’t, given the child, I’ll encourage her to say “goodness sakes” instead.


2 thoughts on “Hide the keys and pass the soap

  1. I feel the need to defend my upbringing here. We were not allowed to swear growing up, we just did it anyway. We were reprimanded for doing so, of course.

  2. Sorry, AH. I didn’t mean to imply anything about your upbringing. Simply that you folks have potty mouths. I’m glad you were reprimanded back then.

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