Why “maintaining a sense of humour” is imperative in parenting

Eirinn started wearing big girl underwear yesterday.  Not by choice, but as a natural progression from Pull Ups.  Because my mom has a week with no other kids, she has dedicated her time to Intensive Potty Training Boot Camp.  This includes asking if she has to use the potty every 10 minutes, the wearing of Disney Princess big girl underwear, and the occasional accident so she can feel the wet pants.

As a first day, it went pretty well.  There were a couple of accidents, as is to be expected, but she went on the potty several times.  She is resistant, as Eirinn is with every type of change, but with a bribe of chocolate or a great round of applause she can usually be convinced to at least try to use the potty.  And a couple of times she even asked if she could use it.

Yesterday before dinner, while I was washing the dishes from the day before (shut up), Eirinn left the kitchen and pulled her potty from the powder room to the front door (she likes to watch the construction vehicles and her potty is one of those potty/stool hybrids).  She was content and thankfully not wanting to “help” with the dishes, so I left her on her own. 

After a couple of minutes of silence (rarely a good thing with an active toddler), I peeked to check on her again.  She had flipped the lid of the potty and was sitting on her throne like a little princess.

“Whatcha doing, Eirinn?”

“Going pee-pee!”

“You are!  What a big girl to go pee-pee all by yourself.  Did you do it?”

“Yes!  A big one!  Come see.”

She had, indeed, peed a great deal into her potty, temporarily located in our front foyer.

“Wow, that was a big one!”

One snag though.  While she had in fact recognized the sensation of having to pee and she had taken the proper steps of opening the lid and sitting on the potty and peeing like such a good girl, she had forgotten one incredibly important part.

She hadn’t pulled her pants or underwear down and had peed straight through them.

But she was so proud, we’ll still give her an ‘A’ for effort.


One thought on “Why “maintaining a sense of humour” is imperative in parenting

  1. Go Eirinn! We’re so proud (and jealous…) of her.

    Potty Training Boot Camp will start the first week of July when we’re on vacation, and then Lucy will be home with me/teenage sitter. Wish us luck…

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