Liar, liar

“Eirinn, it’s bed time.  You have to go to sleep.”

“I am asleep.”

“No, you’re not.  You’re talking.”

“Yes, I am asleep.”

“Eirinn, you can’t sleep and talk at the same time.”

“Yes, I can.”

“No, you can’t and you’re starting to make Mommy upset.  Now, stop talking, close your eyes, and try to go to sleep.”

“It’s ok, Mommy.  You’re so happy.”

“No, I’m not so happy.  I’ll be happy when you go to sleep.”

“I am.  See?” as she points to her shut eyes.

And then my head explodes.  And the gases from my head-explosion set off an actual explosion when combined with the flames from Eirinn’s pants.


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