Still incubating…

I’ve been neglecting this blog for 6 days.  Unfortunately, I have not been giving birth.

*  On Thursday evening, I fell.  Hard, road-rash style, stomach first, right in the middle of the road.  My darling, angel-pie Eirinn was running away from me and I was trying to run after her with my arms filled with toddler paraphernalia and I, being ridiculously front heavy, fell whilst in full speed.  I scraped up my wrist and palm, earned a giant bruise on my knee, but am otherwise fine.  The baby is also fine. 

Eirinn was a brave little trooper when this happened (we’ll overlook the fact that this wouldn’t have happened had she not been running away from me).  She immediately stopped running, flew back to me, screaming “Mommy, get up!  Mommy, don’t cry!”  I told her to go and get Babba (we were right in front of the house) and she did.  She ran up to the house like a big girl, banged on the door as hard as she could, yelling “Babba!  Mommy fell down!”

While I was in the washroom, cleaning myself up and poking at my stomach to make sure the baby was moving, my mom and Eirinn discussed the importance of her staying with me when we’re outside and holding my hand.  When I got out, Eirinn apologized and promised she will never run away again.

Even though it was her fault, I’m still proud of how she reacted.

*  The whole Tornado family went shopping on the weekend.  How is it possible that we exit Zellers, having spent $175, and the only thing for me was a $9.00 pillow?  That, my friends, is called Motherhood.  Oh, and don’t let me forget my share of bed sheets.  I retract my bitter sarcasm.

*  Eirinn has a new obsession.  She seems to just replace obsessions with new obsessions.  See the progression from Dora to Diego to Alice in Wonderland.  Now she dedicates her life to The Wizard of Oz.  Or “Wizaboz”, if you’d like to pronounce it properly.  She likes it best if you fast forward to the Munchkins and her favourite character seems to be the Tinman, because that’s who she asks for.  As in “Where’s the Tinman?” while eating breakfast this morning.  Um…in the movie.  Am I being punked?

She knows all the songs and will sing them to you or with you on cue.  Her favourite song is “The Lollipop Guild”, which tends to be neverending because the ending is kind of tricky and she usually just starts again at the beginning.

*  Eirinn is in Big Girl Underwear full time, except for bedtime and naptime.  She hates having to wear baby diapers to bed, but we insist because we’re not sure she’s ready to start trying underwear all the time.  Mostly because I’m not ready to stop using the baby gate at her doorway.  Although, she did wake up this morning with a DRY diaper, which earned her a great round of applause plus a big hug. 

*  I have been experiencing some pregnancy symptoms and side effects that I didn’t have the joy of experiencing with Eirinn.  It’s getting to the “adding insult to injury” stage here and I’ve just about had enough.  Ok.  So I had “had enough” about a month ago, but still.  If you haven’t been able to tell, I’m ready to be not pregnant now.

At 35 weeks, I am currently Googling “Performing your own c-section”.  Strangely and disturbingly, I actually found something


4 thoughts on “Still incubating…

  1. I’m sure the baby will be ready to come out anytime, you should try all the natural methods to get her moving, I hear sex is helpful! Best of luck in delivery and no more falling.

  2. Oh, sorry about your fall. I know what that’s like! I did a similar tumble at 38 weeks when I was expecting my son. Pregnancy always throws off my balance, plus there’s the fact that I can’t actually see my feet to see if they’re stepping where they should.

    You’re in the homestretch now…baby will come soon enough. Myself, I found going for a massage helps bring on labour, plus it’s kind of nice in and of itself.

  3. Glad to know the baby is ok, and that you recovered from your fall. Yes, I so understand the need to deliver now. I have been on bed rest for the last 12 weeks, and now that it’s safe for her to come, she is taking her time.

  4. Glad to hear you’re ok! Eirinn, I’m sure, must be very sorry. How funny to see that she calls your mom Babba. My daughter calls my mother Baba, which is a slang off the Yiddish word for Bubbei or Grandma.
    Hoping the best for you and your last weeks!

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