What I learned from MSN.com today

It’s National Doughnut Day!!!  That’s almost as awesome as Christmas!  It’s better than Easter!  While chocolate is a wonderful, beautiful invention, 9 times out of 10 I’ll take a doughnut over a chocolate bar (unless it’s a sprinkle doughnut; then it would be 10 times out of 10).

On Monday, I ate 3 sprinkle doughnuts for dessert at supper and only stopped because people were looking at me sideways and whispering to each other.  Like maybe I’m not pregnant afterall and this protruding belly is completely self inflicted.  Then, on Tuesday, I ate two more at lunch and only stopped because there were no more sprinkle ones left.  Just thought I’d let you know.  Not that you wanted to, but now you do.

Now, go and have a doughnut (or 5) to celebrate my new favourite day of the year!  I probably won’t get one (ironically) because I’m too lazy to drive to the store and get some.  I prefer my doughnuts delivered and without having to ask for them.  I’m high maintenance like that. 


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