Totally Wicked Cool Things We Did This Weekend Without Eirinn (in chronological order)


  • Had ice cream for dinner (yes, we’re 5 years old)
  • Rented movies and started them at 7 (normally we have to wait until Eirinn’s in bed)


  • Slept in until 9am (pathetic, I know, but we got such a sound sleep during the night, we were magnificently rested by 9am)
  • Ate breakfast on the couch (when Eirinn’s around, we try to be good role models and eat only at the table)
  • Went to the movies (Iron Man.  Loved it.)
  • Ran errands in the afternoon (during Eirinn’s nap time we’re usually stuck at the house.  Errands are generally jammed into the morning hours)
  • Went to a real, live grown up restaurant, with no crayons at the table and real, live cutlery (The Keg, where we had dinner and dessert and no one was embarrassing us with their incredibly inappropriate “indoor voice” or tempting management to kick us out)
  • Rented more movies and watched them early again (we also watched them louder than usual because there wasn’t anyone to wake.  Unless you count lazy Bosco.)


  • Slept in until 8:30am (again, a satisfying sleep meant we didn’t need to sleep for as long)
  • Had a big, ol’, greasy, homemade breakfast-feast (but not until noon – skipping the meal schedule – we are wild and crazy kids, I tell you)
  • While AH spent the afternoon playing some ridiculously violent video game, I shopped.  All afternoon.  Awesome.

 All Weekend

  • Missed Eirinn terribly

What We Didn’t Do This Weekend Without Eirinn:

  • Go into labour

4 thoughts on “TWCTWDTWWE(ico)

  1. That sounds wonderful, and missing Eirinn at the same time only makes it more worth it, I think.

    Too bad about no labour. Looks like you might be in it ’till the end with this one.

  2. I thought about you a whole bunch of times while we were gone, and wondered if you had the baby yet. 🙂

    Hurray for sleeping in and hurray for being done work!

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