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On Monday morning, at 3:40 am, my water broke.  It was the weirdest feeling, if you’ve never experienced it.  There was literally a *pop* sensation and a gush.  A very large, seemingly neverending gush.  Those who confuse wetting themselves with their water breaking probably just wet themselves. 

AH called Labour & Delivery while I sat on the pot as water kept coming.  I wasn’t having any contractions or pain and the water was clear, so they told us to wait until morning to come in.  So that’s what we planned on doing, all the while trying to dry the mattress with towels and hair dryers and re-making the bed with new, un-soiled sheets.

Contractions started at about 5ish, so we called AH’s mom to come to the house so Eirinn could keep sleeping (I don’t know how she could sleep at a time like this…).  My parents had already been called because they needed 2 hours driving time heads up.  By the time his mom arrived, the contractions were getting pretty strong, so on the way to the hospital, we used the speed limit as a suggestion, only.  Oh, and we stopped at the bank first.  Might as well get some business done while we’re out.  We don’t get out without Eirinn much, so we took advantage and it was a little early in the morning for a movie.

We got to the hospital at 6:30 and I was 3-4 cms dilated, 75% effaced.  The nurse ran down the list of pain management options, and as the contractions were getting a little intense, I opted for a shot of Gravol (I was also feeling like I was going to make sick) and a shot of Morphine to take the edge off.

The nurse checked me again at 10:00 and I was 7 cms dilated and excruciatingly uncomfortable.  She called my doctor, who told her to call him again when I was 8 and he’d come in time for delivery. 

The contractions were getting unmanageable and one on top of the other, so after a long inner debate, I told AH that I thought I needed an epidural.  He didn’t know, because I didn’t tell him, but that was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make.  I was mentally set on going just as natural as I had with Eirinn (despite the induction, I only had one shot of Morphine with her).  I was extremely disappointed with myself that I couldn’t tough this one out like I had before.

AH went to the nurses station and told them I wanted an epidural.  Apparently, this is code word for “By God, she’s having the baby NOW!” so my doctor was called right away and the nurse got someone to start the fluids.  I say “someone” because I’m pretty sure a nurse could start fluids without, and I quote, “blowing the vein”, resulting in a puddle of blood on the floor that AH got to stand in during pushing.  Anyway, that was neither here nor there, because as I was bleeding to death (not really, just a little bitter sarcasm) I whispered to AH that I was pretty sure I should be pushing.  The nurse (the real one, not the vein butcher) checked me again (this was about 10 minutes after being checked at 7cms) and she said the head was right there.

The on-call doctor was paged and I started pushing.  He had some kid with him, like some 15 year old Doogie Howser, M.D. or something.  Maybe it was Bring Your Kid To Work Day, I don’t know.  Anyway, this kid did a lot of the stuff down there, but I wasn’t in a position to care.  I pushed through 4 or 5 contractions and on my last push, my doctor came flying through the door, shoved his hands in some gloves, got right on the bed, perpendicular to me, and out she came at 10:36 am.

For the record, that was 4 hours of active labour, no epidural, 10 minutes of pushing (5 in total), only one stitch internally, which was done by the on-call doctor (what was his name, anyway?) and my doctor said it wasn’t necessary afterall.  8 lbs 15 oz, 22 inches (which is exactly 2 full pounds heavier than Eirinn and almost 3 inches longer), and I’m done.  Like done for good.  It was fast and furious, but Good Lord, the whole “getting the baby outta there” business hurts like the Dickens.

I went home after 24 hours because staying at the hospital sucks.  The food is gross and usually cold (unless it’s supposed to be cold; in that case it’s warm), the bed is so uncomfortable I might as well have been sleeping on the lanolium floor, and the random nurses prodding at my baby and touching my boobs, makes the hospital a not-nice place.

HOWEVER, Avery slept like an angel at the hospital.  Last night?  Not so much. 

But, when I look at that face, I can’t stay mad for long.


9 thoughts on “Everything else

  1. Wow, that was like the dream delivery (except for the exploding vein part)! Jen, she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Congratulations again! How is big sister doing? Enjoy your new family of 4!

  2. She’s beautiful Jen, congratulations again! Eirinn looks like she’s trying to figure what exactly you are holding, but I’m sure she’ll get the idea fast. Get ready for some jealousy …

    Let’s see … um 3 days labour with my first and then they broke the water … 24 hours labour with my second and then they broke the water … don’t plan on a third, but if I did, I think it’s a safe bet it would be shorter… lol

  3. What a beautiful, healthy (and big!) baby! Congratulations to all of you. How is Eirinn handling the big change to big sisterhood?

    I hope you have a happy and easy first few weeks at home with little Avery.

  4. Welcome baby Avery! And congratulations to you and your family, Jen! She is gorgeous. It is good to hear that all went well for you.

  5. I should have known to look here for updates! Your stories make me laugh, because they are so familiar (right down to grabbing hubby to get the pain meds, and then yelling “I’m PUSHING” before any are administered!)
    One day you will sleep well again. I’m still waiting for that day myself!
    Take care, and congratulations again!

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