The difference between 1 and 2

With Eirinn

  • When she was asleep, the entire house went into silent mode.  We didn’t talk, we tiptoed when we walked, we avoided doing anything that made any noise whatsoever, including using the washroom on the other floor of the house.  Even cars passing in the streets or birds tweeting outside would send us into a fury wondering why the crap everything was so damn loud and didn’t they know our baby was sleeping?  Gah…

With Avery

  • She’s lucky if she can have a nap without a two year old shaking the playpen, poking her in the cheek, yelling “BABY AVEWY IS SLEEPING.  WE SHOULD BE QUIET.” 

With Eirinn

  • Every night feeding was followed with a diaper change, whether it was wet or dirty or not, just so she could have a nice, fresh diaper against her delicate baby bum.  I guess in those days we were made of money and I liked disturbing a sleeping baby in order to rock her for an hour to settle her back to sleep.

With Avery

  • In the middle of the night, the only time her diaper gets changed is if I literally heard her grunt out the poop.  And that’s only if my Poop-meter deemed it big enough to need to be dealt with urgently.  If it sounds like the diaper can contain it, then it can wait until she complains about it.

With Eirinn

  • I moled away in the house with her until I felt the world wasn’t going to strike her dead with all it’s nasty germs and viruses and parasites.  That took about a month.  It had been so long since I had seen natural light that I dressed her in a snow suit when the temperature outside was 25 degrees.  I’m pretty sure I sweated that unwanted baby weight off.  Of her.

With Avery

  • At 12 days old, she’s been on a walk, grocery shopping, to Zellers, Home Depot, Shoppers Drug Mart, the bank.  We’ve had about a thousand visitors and I haven’t asked any of them to wash, sanitize, and bleach their hands (I trust that the washing part would get done without being asked).

With Eirinn

  • I would spend hours staring lovingly at her tiny, miraculous face.  While I was feeding her, while I was rocking her to sleep, while I was sitting with her on the couch, avoiding the world.

With Avery

  • I spend minutes staring lovingly at her tiny, miraculous face.  If I had hours of free time, I would use them to watch her do nothing more than breathe, but I don’t, so I take what I can get.  Now I have to split my time between her and Eirinn and, unfortunately for Avery, Eirinn is much louder and more demanding.

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