Honeymoon’s over

Did you know that there is a honeymoon period with newborns?  There’s this short period of time after you come home from the hospital when you have your rose coloured glasses on and your little angel is this perfect spot of perfect baby perfection.  Sleeping 23 hours a day, feeding right on schedule, crying is brief and sweet.  You’re tired from the night feeding, but it’s ok because your baby is so good you almost enjoy getting up at 3 am to provide her the nourishment that only you can.

And then something happens to your baby called “waking up”.  It’s when the newborn finally realizes that they are out of the womb and this kind of sucks.  No more warm water surroundings.  It’s cold and tragically dry out here.  No more umbilically-fed meals.  They actually have to work to get full.  And when they drink, they get The Gas.  The Gas hurts.  And there used to be a constant rocking motion to help her fall asleep, so there should be out here as well.  No matter how tired mom is.

Avery has “awakened”.  Just yesterday.  She’s none too pleased about the whole situation.  Feeding is a chore to her and it makes her cranky.  The Gas makes her cranky.  Falling asleep is such hard work and it makes her cranky.  Lying horizontally makes her cranky.  Being held vertically makes her cranky.  Everything makes her cranky.  The only time she’s not crying is when she’s asleep, but she was cranky and crying on her way to sleeping.

Eirinn was like this for months.  It was very draining and exhausting and not at all fun.  I was told by many, many people that the second child is easier, happier, and a better sleeper than the first.  I took this as a promise that my second child would be perfectly behaved.  I think this was a gross misjudgement on my part and I should have known better.


3 thoughts on “Honeymoon’s over

  1. Well I wasn’t one of those people who said the 2nd is easier because my 2nd was way harder than my first. However, once you tough out that first few months (okay, I’m going to be honest..for me it was like 9 months to a year) it’s AWESOME! There is nothing better then seeing my two kids play together, hug each other, talk to each other, laugh with each other, care about each other, etc… (My kids are upstairs laughing with each other as I type) It is soooo worth it. But boy do I remember what you are talking about though. Owen was “angel baby” for 3 weeks and Jeff and I couldn’t believe it beause Aleah was colicky from the moment she entered the world. However, when those 3 weeks were over, look out, he was a fuss pot and that’s putting it lightly. Hang in there! It really is worth it! I was not one of those people that had “good” babies so you can always complain to me. One thing is forsure those colicky ones sure turn out to be great toddlers as you can see with Eirinn! It’s so worth it! Seriously, complain to me ANY time because I can totally emphathize and share an equally tough story that might make you feel better.

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