I don’t have much of anything to say, but Avery’s asleep so I should say something, right?

  • Anonymous Husband is away for a week for work.  He was away two days last week and three days the week before.  It’s been hard, but we’ve managed quite well.  The girls have been behaving well at night and we’ve been eating dinners at my parents.  Not out of necessity, but because we were invited and I’m grateful for the company and not having to cook.  I’ve impressed myself by getting all three of us ready every morning by a half decent hour, keeping the house clean and tidy, remembering to take out the trash and pay a bill that was due this week, running some errands that I’ve been avoiding, not going insane, and baking one of the most delicious batches of cookies ever (cholesterol free, too).  Eirinn is missing her daddy and every time the phone rings, she asks if daddy is coming home.
  • I was hoping to have Avery transitioned from her bassinet in our room to the crib in her room this week, but I haven’t started yet.  I’m not sure if the time is right given she still wakes up to eat two or three times a night.  How sensible would it be to have to go to a different room that often?  Or could it possibly help her sleep better?  Also, do I need two monitors now (we still use one for Eirinn at night)?
  • Besides still needing to eat so often, Avery has turned into a really great baby.  As long as I read her signs, which I’ve gotten very good at, she’s happy most of the time.  Getting smiles and giggles often only takes a glance.  In retrospect, I think this is why Eirinn was such a fussy baby.  She was (and is) high-needs, which some babies aren’t, and I didn’t learn her signs as quickly as I have with Avery.  She needs to sleep a lot more often than I would have guessed before and she gets bored with being in one place for too long.  Now that I know that, she only cries when I am physically unable to meet a need (i.e. she’s bored in the car).
  • Except for the evenings.  She resists sleep in the evening.
  • We took Eirinn to the library for Tales for Twos this morning.  We thought she’d enjoy being read to and interacting with kids her exact age.  Not so much.  The woman didn’t even start reading before Eirinn wanted to leave.  She’s not very good with kids her age, for many reasons, so we won’t be going back.  Oh well.  We tried.
  • That was free.  I hope she does better in Water Explorers, which I signed her up for and cost $75.  At least with the swimming lessons I go with her, but this session is more of an interactive water play set up.  If it’s mostly playing with me, she’ll be fine.  If it’s playing with the other kids, it will take some convincing.
  • I’m going to attempt to attend a Mom’s Night Out next week.  It’s been almost three months since I’ve been and I miss it.  I have to bring Avery, which kind of defeats the purpose, because she eats so often and hasn’t been taking a bottle lately.  Plus, after being a pseudo single parent on and off for the past three weeks, I don’t think AH could handle putting Eirinn to bed during Avery’s fussy time.  Not as a first go.  In three weeks, I’ll be going to see Jersey Boys and he’ll have to go it alone during the afternoon.  That should be an easier starter course for him to ease into it.  As long as Avery is taking a bottle again.  I might have to sneak her into the show if she isn’t.
  • Just kidding.  I wouldn’t do that to the other patrons.

I think that’s all for now.  Plus Avery just woke up, I fed her while typing, and she’s had just about enough of this blogging business.


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