Baby giggles

There is nothing more soul-cleansing, heart-melting, world-righting than hearing a baby giggle.  Avery giggles with her whole body and it’s the most beautiful thing.  She’s the only baby I know of who has been ticklish since she could smile.  Probably before that, but she couldn’t let us know.  She also thinks being called “Poo” and “Monkey Brains” is hilarious.  I’m sure she’ll grow out of that, but for now I’ll keep firing the insults at her and she’ll keep lighting up my life with her perfect smile.

An involuntary arm flail as the finale.

And you know what else is perfect?

*It took literally 15 shots to get this one, and it still wasn’t what I was going for.  But it’s way too cute to care about the details.


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