I know this is totally hypocritical given the ranty post from a few days ago, but…

Could I please get all manner of suggestion, advice, and experiences getting a grumpy, stubborn, spoiled baby to take a bottle?  ‘Cause I’ve got one of those (grumpy, stubborn, spoiled baby) and she has to start taking a bottle in exactly 46 days.  Like HAS TO.

She has taken them before but now refuses (see: STUBBORN).  Just the bottle’s nipple touching her lips makes her scream (see: GRUMPY).  She only wants her mommy (see: SPOILED).

Not that it’s such a bad thing, under any other circumstance.  I would gladly continue exclusively breastfeeding her for the remainder of my planned 6 to 9 months of breastfeeding, but I’ve got plans, man.  Is it too much to ask to want to get away for a few hours and not worry that I’m starving my baby?

Eirinn had no trouble taking a bottle.  She’d take food wherever she could get it when she was Avery’s age.  But the difference was I gave Eirinn a bottle every day from about a month old.  I should have done that with Avery, but I didn’t and now I’m paying for it.

So please ignore my rant from last week and tell me what to do.  Or at least what you did.

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “I know this is totally hypocritical given the ranty post from a few days ago, but…

  1. I feel your pain. I left my two cents on your last post – hope it helps.

    Don’t worry – if she’s hungry enough, she’ll eat, regardless of what you shove in her mouth.

    Have you tried cup feeding? They showed me that trick in the hospital, they use it on the preemies who are too small to put a rubber nipple in their mouth.

    Sometimes they also don’t like the feel of the rubber in the nipple – silicone is a good alternative. sometimes it’s the shape too. Playtex with the liners resemble a boob more than others. What type of bottle(s) are you using? See my other post for Dr. Browns.

    It takes a lot of persistence too. It took a long time to get Caity to take a bottle before we tried Dr. Browns. I would even try to trick her and it would work – start with the boob, then when you’re taking a break for burping, slip the bottle in.

    Are you expressing or using formula? Sometimes you just need to find the right formula – we went through several before we settled on the right one. Turned out Cait was lactose intolerant and threw up all bottles (me too) until we got her on the Enfamil no Lactose formula.

    Is it just you trying to give her a bottle? Does your husband try too? I just mean that sometimes they associate you with food. period. Might be easier if AH tries the bottle or a relative, someone other than you. If she thinks you’re nearby, she’ll hold out until she gets the good stuff…

    Temperature might be another factor – face it, Mommy Juice is always served at the perfect temperature. if the bottle is too cold she will probably reject it altogether …

    I hope this helps Jen, I know how frustrating it can be … 😦

  2. First of all, don’t beat yourself up. Even if you do give your child a bottle every day they can still suddenly reject it. My eldest daughter took a bottle every day till she was 7 months old then one day she rejected it and would not take it again till she started into daycare. My son never did take a bottle till he got to daycare, and it wasn’t through my lack of trying. I have annoyingly stubborn kids.

    I totally understand the need to have a few hours away from baby. I felt the same way. Can you try a few trial runs at being away from Avery where someone other than you can try bottle feeding her, but you can be close by in case it doesn’t work? If she will not take the bottle at all, then you can try getting her to sip a cup. You can also try getting one of those syringes that’s usually used to feed babies medicine. Maybe she’d be willing to have the milk/formula squirted into her mouth.

    It’s not a big deal if Avery doesn’t drink as much as she normally would if she was with you….she just needs enough to stay hydrated and reasonably satisfied. If you’re just away for a few hours, she can catch up on feeding when you return.

    Best of luck…

  3. Smarty pants Mamas Mary Lynn and Doodle’s Mom have covered all of my suggestions, really.

    Lucy took FOREVER to take a bottle. We had to try a few brands before she settled on the Avent one. I’d definitely recommend trying a few nipples.

    And I really like the idea of trying to cup feed her. We had to do this with Lucy when she was first born (I refused to bottle feed her until 8 weeks, thus all our problems!), and it’s amazing that they are born with the ability to eat this way. Not a sippy cup, but a real cup just tipped on her bottom lip — remarkably, she’ll sip it in.

    I’d suggest you entirely stopping to feed her the bottle, too. Let your Mom or AH or anyone else try EVERY day. Eventually Lucy figured out she was still going to get boobs 98% of the time.

    Good luck!

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