Stupid ripped bathing suit piece of crap

Do you know what’s more depressing than bathing suit shopping 3 months after giving birth and your body is still all squishy and 10 lbs heavier than you’re comfortable with and there are stretch marks in places that make a bikini impossible even if those 10 lbs were gone and your stomach wasn’t so squishy and you can deal with the thick thighs and the bubble bum gadunk-a-dunk, but the mid-section just ain’t cute and the selection of bathing suits in October is limited to mismatched size 0 string bikini tops and 3X large thong bottoms and hello? I’m breastfeeding, so what size top am I supposed to get?  The size I am when the girls are full or the size I am when the girls are empty because those are two drastically different sizes and I have to find something because we’ve got swimming lessons every Thursday and isn’t it nice to discover all the elastic is gone from the arse of your swim suit after this week’s lesson, leaving the bum decidedly see-through?  Gah…

Nothing, that’s what.


2 thoughts on “Stupid ripped bathing suit piece of crap

  1. Shop the sears outlet online. I don’t think I will ever bathing suit shop anywhere else. If you are unsure of sizes, order multiple and take back what doesn’t work (best to order a big order and take back because there is a small handling charge)

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