Eating and rolling

Avery has been busy becoming a young lady.  The past week has seen her making new discoveries, practicing future skills and steadily increasing her cute factor.

She has finally (finally!) realized that bottles aren’t all bad.  I hope.  At least she is giving them a chance.  Between yesterday and today, she has taken five 5 ounce bottles, willingly and happily.  No arguments, no fussing.  No screaming until she’s purple and breathless.  My girls are aching from all the pumping, but if this is the end of the battle, I’ll gladly keep it up. 

I hope the routine will be that she’ll take a bottle from someone other than myself, as easily as it has been these past two days, once a day.  I need a break sometimes.  Her self-imposed schedule of a meal every 1 1/2 – 2 hours is exhausting.  Not only does my body need to produce enough milk, which takes calories (energy), but I have to arrange my life around a very tight timeline.  Between feeding her, changing her diaper, and naps, a two hour rotation is tough.  Hopefully with the bottle she’ll be taking more at a time, which might (fingers crossed) increase the length of time between meals.

A bottle also means more bonding time for Anonymous Husband.  Eirinn took one bottle of formula every evening from the time she was a month old.  It was a failed attempt at getting her to sleep longer.  But we kept up the routine because AH could have that time with her.  He doesn’t get that with Avery.  So far, I’ve been the only one who can have that connection with her and that’s not fair to him.  I know it’s the natural way of things, but father-daughter bonding is also important.

She has also began to give rolling over a good college try.  She can get slightly further than on her side, but her darn arm keeps getting in the way.  She seems so proud of her accomplishments when she makes it half way.  I can’t wait to see her celebration when she finally makes the full 180.

Eirinn was extremely mobile, even before she could crawl.  When she first learned to roll over, she would do log rolls from one end of the room to the other.  And when she did learn to crawl, it was all over for me.  My days were spent running.  Cardio, 24/7.  My mom has been doing daycare for over 20 years and she had never seen anyone change a diaper while the child was running until she saw me do it.  It was definitely a skill I had to invent.

Needless to say, I’m in no hurry for Avery to get mobile.  None at all.  She can stay all squishy and blob-like forever, if it were up to me.  But I can’t help get excited when she gets all huffy and red-faced and grunty from using all her might and effort to heave herself onto her side.  My sane half groans while my insane half thinks “Yay Avery!”

Oh, and could she get any cuter?


3 thoughts on “Eating and rolling

  1. Rolling already? Seriously? Wasn’t she just born? What are you feeding your children to make them mobile so quickly? Or, what are YOU eating?

    Must be the water out there…

  2. Lots of sugar. Gets the kiddies all hyper and jittery.

    I think rolling to the side is normal at this age (almost 4 months). I’m not sure. I tried to look it up and what I found only talked about rolling completely over, which usually happens front to back first and should happen between 5 and 6 months. Eirinn rolled from back to front first at 4 months, so I suppose if I use Eirinn has the benchmark, Avery is right on schedule.

    Pray for me. And if you don’t pray, please just don’t laugh.

  3. Haha, I can laugh because I am right there with you. My four month old, going onto to five months, is already showing signs of wanting to move. It scares me, and I suspect she is going to skip crawling and go straight to walking. Right now when she is siting, she arches her back and push with all her might to get herself standing. Like you part of me cheers to watch her work so hard, while part of me goes baby slow down. lol

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