Princess Mouse Poop, in reverse

Not a whole lot of content today.  Or for the past week, for that matter.  I’ve been busy with being exhausted out of my skull thanks to a bad sleep week with the girls.  Oh, and a loud breathing week with the husband.  Also an incident with the dog that deserves it’s own paragraph.

The dude pooped in our bed.  The arsehole up and shat the bed.  I noticed one little turd by my knees when I returned to the bed after feeding Avery in the middle of the night.  Figuring it was a rogue dingleberry, I just spot cleaned it, did a quick check of my general area, and went back to sleep with the intent of stripping the bed first thing.  In the morning, as I was removing the soiled sheets to boil the sin out of them, I found turd #2.  Between our pillows.  W.  T.  F.  AH and I slept the night with crap between our heads.  Inches away from our noses and we didn’t notice.  Bosco is lucky we didn’t because I don’t think he would have survived the night.  Needless to say, the dog isn’t invited to sleep on our bed any more.  He lost that privilege when he lost control of his sphincter.


In less disgusting news, Eirinn has mastered the mouse.  She has always been interested in computer games (they have some cute ones on and, but she just watched, telling us what to do.  But last week she learned how to use the mouse on her own.  The hand-eye coordination is fascinating to me.  In only two or three tries, she can manuever the mouse expertly.  Her daddy is so proud.



These two have spent the week getting huge.



Eirinn loves princesses.  I love Martha Stewart.  Thinking about this combination in relation to a Christmas tree, my beautiful silver, white and red Christmas tree, made my skin itchy.  So, as a simple solution, we did this tonight.


We’re doing the rest of the decorations this weekend, so I’ll post a picture of the non-princessified tree.  But I have to admit that the pride on her face and the joy in her eyes makes this imperfect tree absolutely perfect.


6 thoughts on “Princess Mouse Poop, in reverse

  1. Sounds like Bosco might be having some jealousy issues – he too can’t tell you that he feels neglected. What a better way to get your attention than to leave a present in your bed… if he does it again you might want to check with a vet just to be double sure that there isn’t a physical reason (i.e., age). You might want to keep the baby’s door closed too lest he leave a present in there …

    Just what you need, huh? Everyone in your house, fighting for your attention – can you feel the love? :0)

  2. Just as funny reading about bed poop the second time! On the floor, peeing myself, funny. Do you think he actually bm’d between you while you slept or have you decided not to question that?

  3. I’ve just decided to let it go. Live and learn. He’s on the floor now. In a nice, cushy dog bed, but on the floor. But if I were to think about it, it just looked like an accident. Not a full bm, if you can imagine. If you want to imagine.

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