Turning a new leaf. Or needle.

We did our decorating this weekend, like most people, I think.  In year’s past, I’ve been a bit of a decoration Nazi.  A Martha Stewart wannabe, if you will.  My Christmas tree had to be red, white and silver ONLY, with designated ornaments having to be pre-approved by me.  Any rogue ornament was either totally vetoed or assigned reject duty on the garland going up the railing.  The railing was where all the “quirk” lived.  My tree was perfectly perfect in every way.  Do.  Not.  Touch.


And then Eirinn came along.  She wanted to decorate a tree with princesses.  Princesses touching my perfect tree.  Not going to happen.  But I didn’t want to be completely heartless.  So I let her decorate one of my miniature trees with some miniature princess ornaments.  And, much to my chagrin, it actually looked cute.  Not the hot mess I was bracing myself for.  So I let her decorate all three of my miniature trees and that looked pretty great.


Maybe she was on to something.  Maybe monochromatic trees were a thing of my childless past.  Maybe having kids sparked something more whimsical and fantastical within me.  So I ran out and bought up a whole trees-worth of new ornaments in a multitude of shapes and colours.  Red, silver, purple and blue were my new obsession. 


It’s still my perfect tree.  It’s just a little prettier.  Like a princess.


We also had to buy new stockings this year, what with the new addition and all.  Plus our old ones didn’t hold nearly enough.  We’re a greedy bunch, my lot.


I got creative and made personalized tags for each of them.  I used to be much more creative than I have been lately, so it really pleases me to see something I made actually look cute and be functional.

So that’s us all decked out for Christmas.  We still have the Railing of Quirk to do this weekend and then we’ll be done.  I’m just itching to wrap all the presents (I’m almost done shopping!  Budget be damned!) and put them under the tree, but I just know there is a little set of fingers also itching to open them.


One thought on “Turning a new leaf. Or needle.

  1. Oh Jen! I hear you about the perfectly perfect tree of a childless past thing. Our tree was to have nothing but gold decorations (of my liking, of course), but now that Nate’s all into crafts and cotton ball snowmen and orange-scribbled reindeers, well, lets just say our tree is a mixture of gold and “quirk”. 🙂

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