Pity party is over

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, support, sympathy and encouragement.  I do realize that this too shall pass.  These are still early days and we just have to find what works for us.  The thing that made the whole situation sting the worst is that Eirinn was a horrible sleeper at this stage and has transitioned into a 12-hour a night sleeper.  With two years of exhaustion and disrupted nights, those days were behind us.  Then Avery came along and the troubles started over again.

Basically what I realized is that I’ve got to quit my whining and suck it up.  Avery is a baby and babies are hard.  I signed up for this gig once, it was hard then, and I made the decision to go it again.  If I wasn’t willing to tough out the hard bits, I shouldn’t have signed up again.

I am, however, going to take several of your suggestions.  I am going out next week to the 2nd Annual DMNO Christmas Treat Exchange, for a break.  I am going to try to push her evening nap to merge it with her bedtime.  Hopefully that means an earlier bedtime and not just a later nap and later bedtime.  We’ll try it and see.

Finally, we started her with rice cereal tonight.  We have given her rice cereal in a bottle for the past week or so, but tonight we spoon fed her for the first time, in the hopes that a hearty dinner will satisfy her hunger for longer, resulting in a better, deeper sleep.




So, thanks for being here.  Thanks for the helpful suggestions.  Sometimes we all need a shoulder to lean on.  Even if it’s just a virtual one.


One thought on “Pity party is over

  1. I just read all the comments from the last thread so this is a repeat but please, please let AH help! I had hard babies. Crying, no sleep, fussy babies and my only saving grace was Jeff so I used him and used him ALOT!!! The only other little piece of advice because it was offered to me when I was in that stage is that routines are good like bath etc… but make sure there is nothing too stimulating. Their little brains are so tired at the end of the day from all the simulation (baby gyms, toys, books etc..) that they are so overtired, they can’t unwind enough to sleep. Try to make the nighttime routine simple and boring and lowkey.
    On a cute note, look at that baby girl in a high chair already!! Adorable!

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