A Tornado Family Christmas

We’re back after a long, but wonderful, holiday.  It was incredibly hectic, somehow in a good way.  We all got spoiled from Santa, our relatives, and ourselves, and we got to spend quality time with all of our families.

On Christmas Eve, we started the day by going skating.  Eirinn has never been before and our preparations for her first time started about a week prior.  We needed skates ($3 hockey skates from the Salvation Army; cheap, in case she didn’t like it), a helmet (a less-cheap, new Mission; I’m not messing with the safety of her head), and snow pants (luckily last year’s still fit).  Anonymous Husband and Anonymous Sister-In-Law took her because I haven’t been on ice for about 12 years and long ago threw my skates out.  They are much more qualified than I.  I was the designated stalkerazzi and baby-holder.


She had fun, for the most part, but was irritated that double axels don’t come naturally.  In time, Eirinn.  Give it time.

Later that day, and annually on Christmas Eve night, we went to my parents house for a night of movies and stuffing our gourds with finger foods and goodies that we’ve been baking for weeks in advance.  I made meatballs, a salmon cream cheese spread, date squares, Turtles squares and homemade peanut butter cups.  We could feel our arteries clotting and loved it.

When we got home we left out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.  Eirinn was nestled all snug in her bed while visions of Princesses danced in her head.

The next morning, The Big Day, was the busiest day ever.  We all got up together at 7 and went downstairs to see what Santa left.  Eirinn was thrilled that Santa had found every Disney Princess product ever made, shoved them in his bag, and left them in our living room.  AH and I were so thrilled, too.  And by thrilled, I mean mortified.  Thanks a lot, Santa…

At 8:30, we went back to my parents’ for another round of gifts.  Again, we were all spoiled with terrific gifts.  Eirinn was Princessified again and Avery was starting to get sleepy.  Here we’ve had two full Christmases and it wasn’t even 9:30, the time she usually wakes up in the morning.

After a lunch of quiche and funnel cakes, we went to AH’s parents’ house for Christmas #3.  More spoiling, more food, more family time.  Oh, and we have this in our house now:


Crazily enough, we asked for this.  Yes, this kind of punishment was a request.  AH is a drummer and Eirinn loves to use his, so we thought she would love a smaller set.  AH’s parents obliged.

4 grandparents, 4 aunts, 4 uncles, 5 dogs, 14 hours, 3 Christmases, over 100 presents and the day ended like this:


The next day we had AH’s family over for dinner and that’s us spent.  After so much visiting and holiday cheer, we are so tired but it was so worth it. 


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