Point five

Yesterday was Avery’s half birthday.  She’s now 6 months old, which is ancient.  So many huge milestones are sure to happen shortly and we’re eagerly anticipating every one. 

She on the cusp of sitting up on her own, which is the first step towards mobility.  Always scary.  She’s been rolling back-to-front for a couple of months now, but she’s recently started pushing herself backwards.  If we turn our gaze for a few seconds, when we look back she’s in a completely different position, often facing the opposite direction several feet away from where we last saw her.  Don’t know what she does to get there, but I’m sure there is a lot of stealthy scooching and pivoting.

We started her on rice cereal about two weeks ago and it’s been going well.  She really enjoys her one solid meal a day and attacks the spoon, excited for more.  Now that she’s officially 6 months, we’ll introduce the other grains and soon some simple vegetables.  Bring on the nasty poops.  I’m ready.

Sleep is still a bit of an issue.  In the past few days we’ve had one night’s sleep that started at 1 am and ended at 11 am, uninterupted.  Some major pros and cons to that night.  On one hand – yay!  no night feedings! On the other – boo!  up too late!  On the third hand – yay!  sleeping in until 11 to recover from the late night!  On the fourth – boo!  Eirinn is still up at 7!  But AH helped, so it wasn’t all woe is me.

Most nights she is in bed around 10:30 or 11 and awake for the day at about 9:30 with one or two night feedings.  I know, I know.  At 6 months she doesn’t really need to be feeding in the night, but here’s another problem.  She falls asleep best and without a fuss while nursing.  With a two year old asleep in the room across the hall, falling asleep without a fuss is imperitive.  Eirinn has never once woken up from Avery crying, but I don’t want to find out what happens when she does.  I prefer to let sleeping toddlers lie.  But I do know that eventually, and the sooner the better, I’ve got to nip these night feedings in the bud.  Eirinn stopped night feeds at about 5 months.  She still woke up several times a night, but she was a baby that liked to get rocked to sleep.  Not Avery.  Rocking evokes wails of sorrow.  Only nursing puts her quietly to sleep.

She’s such an easy smiler.  I love that.  Just look at her and she’ll flash you her gums.  And it doesn’t take much else to get her to belly laugh, which is an adorable low gaffaw.  Other noises she makes – incredibly loud yells when she’s fending off sleep.  She just yells at the top of her voice for the whole neighbourhood to hear.  Not cries, just yells.

She also started giving kisses, which are gooby, open-mouthed, tongue-downs.  But trust me, they’re kisses.  Just pucker up, make a kissy noise and she’ll lick you.  Well, she’ll lick me.  Not many other people enjoy a goob kiss.

All in all, she’s an excellent baby.  Healthy as a horse, the exact same size as Eirinn at this age, as gorgeous as possible, and happy, most of the time.


Happy half-birthday, my beautiful, wonderful Avery.   


2 thoughts on “Point five

  1. She’s sooo cute 🙂

    Nothing wrong with a slobbery lick – I used to love that from my girls, it gets better when they’re older and can give a real kiss – oh and the hugs are the best! Little kids hug like they mean it – full on body hug, nothing better after a rough day!

    Happy New Year Jen and family, get a baby ‘kiss’ for me…

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