How did AH and I…

Anonymous Husband and I like sitting.  We would prefer to sit, if the option was given.  And sleep is our dear, dear friend.

So how on earth did the two of us, an extra long blink away from comatose, produce such active children?  Does the hyper-hypo gene skip a generation?  Because we’re baffled.

Avery is now doing log rolls.  Consistently rolling from back to front, front to back, back to front, pivot around table, front to back, SCREAM AT THE INJUSTICE OF IT ALL, pivot around dog, back to front, and so on and so forth, out of the living room, down the hall.  She’s also sitting up on her own, when sat up by an adult, for extended periods of time.  Her back is straight and she looks like a professional sitter-upper.  She can do everything in the Advanced Skills portion of the Developmental Milestones chart for 6 month olds. 

I’m not surprised by her mobility because she is a direct blood relative of the World’s Most Mobile Child (according to her mother).  In reality, Eirinn was at the early end of normal in her development.  Not freakshow early, but before the average in things like rolling, crawling, and walking.  Four months, seven months, and ten months, respectively.  So it didn’t surprise me when Avery shocked the doctor on Monday by going from a sit to a stand, assisted, while he was asking me about her progress. 

“She’s probably going to be an early walker,” he warned.  I’m not going to put any unrealistic pressure on her, but I’m prepared.  And by “prepared”, I mean I have the medicine cabinet stocked with uppers and the Red Bull delivery guy on speed dial. 

She’s also thoroughly enjoying the solids.  We’ve only been through rice and oatmeal cereals and peas, but they get a big thumbs up.  However, she hasn’t pooped in a few days.  Not since starting the peas three days ago.  I’m so looking forward to a pant-load of green poop.  Probably an overflowing pant-load.  I’m going to dress her exclusively in plastic wrap for a little while.

*UPDATE – we have some serious pushing going on…

**UPDATE – gross…


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