Know where we can get a snow blower?

Yesterday morning was an exercise in patience.  I’m not sure how well I passed, but I did keep my calm around the girls and in less than 45 minutes it was over.  I won’t say it was ‘the worst morning ever’ because no one died or was seriously injured or lost their job or anything.  I’ll call it ‘the most annoying morning ever.’

It started at 9:45 when I called my mom to let her know that we were getting ready to pick her up to go to playgroup.  To avoid much waiting, she was going to be outside when we pulled up.  I got the girls in their winter gear, begrudgingly.  The little one was already crying because she was tired from waking up much earlier than she’s used to.

In the garage, I got Avery in her car seat only to be interrupted by a thump! and crying.  Eirinn, being Eirinn, had fallen down spontaneously into a pile of mud left by AH’s car.  She was covered.  Her coat was muddy, her pants were muddy, her hands were muddy and bleeding a bit from a tiny scratch.  She even had a splash of mud on her face.  So I got Avery back out of her seat and in we all went inside for a wardrobe change.  I even had to search the basement for Eirinn’s winter coat from last year.  Luckily it fit, barely.  Oh, and a Dora bandaid for her boo boo.

With Eirinn clean, both in their car seats, we finally headed out of the garage.  Out the garage, into a snow storm, down the driveway and splat into the ginormous snow bank left at the end of our driveway by the plow I could still see making the rounds.  Normally my car is a mini tank.  It’s pretty tough for being a smallish car.  The 18″ tires and extremely wide stance helps.  But not this time.  The back half got through and we were stuck, rear 3/4 of the car sticking out into the road. 

I got the girls out of their car seats (again) and into the house.  While I would hope no one would be stupid enough to hit a car sticking out of a driveway into the road, I wasn’t going to risk their safety, seeing as they were the ones exposed.  So I put them in the house, Avery not just crying but screaming by this point, and grab a phone to call my mom and tell her we’ll be late.  But, of course, she doesn’t answer because she’s waiting patiently outside for us.

I shovelled the snow and ice away from my front tires, including under the car, and a path for the rear tires to travel on.  I pull the car ahead and back up to test my efforts.  Aaaand…I get stuck again.  By this time I’ve used more cuss words than a sailor, even making up a few because the usual suspects don’t quite describe my frustration.  Get the phone out of my pocket to try my mom again and I drop it in the snow bank.  Emm effer.  Luckily it still works.

This time I shovelled the whole thing, not leaving any to chance.  Test it again.  Success!  I got the girls, shoved them back into their seats and finally pick up my mom.  Forty five minutes after I told her we were coming. 

The rest of the day didn’t suck, thank goodness.  When I got home, AH was shovelling the rest of the driveway.  Before I even said hello, I told him we’re getting a snow blower.  Not that any store on the face of the planet has a snow blower after the winter we’ve had thus far, but if and when we find one, it’s ours.  I don’t care how much we have to pay. 

Our next door neighbour once told AH that the fastest way to get a snow blower was to make your wife shovel the driveway once.  When he told me that, I was offended.  I had done my share of the shovelling before the girls were born and it wasn’t so bad.  I only don’t help now because someone has to watch the kids and that task is usually mine.  But, seriously.  After yesterday?  Shovelling under the pressure of a car in the road, a screaming baby in the house, and a mom standing in a snow storm waiting for us?  Forget it.   We’re getting the snow blower.


3 thoughts on “Know where we can get a snow blower?

  1. Yargh, I got antsy and upset just imagining going through this. Good for you for still going out! But, getting them DRESSED is the hardest part, so it makes sense.

    We are still struggling with savings etc. from Eric out of work for four months, but we, too, are on the hunt for a snowblower. It’s just become too much work for Eric to do on his own (because I’m inside on kid-duty) after he gets home from the office.

    Good luck finding one, though — we’ve been all over Durham and Markham looking.

  2. wait until Spring. Everyone and their brother have gone out and bought them for this winter.

    We’re thinking about one for next winter too… Sears apparently has them for around $1800 – it’s insane. Wait until the Spring or Summer and grab them when they’re on sale…

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