25 Things

Inspired by the 25 Things About Me notes going around Facebook…

25 Things About My Kids

1.  Eirinn has an obsession with butts.  Bums, butt cracks, smelling them, pointing them out, getting you to look at hers.  I’d like to say she got this from her father, but that would only be half true.

2.  Avery is too happy.  I’m sure there are babies who are or have been happier, but compared to the year long horrible mood Eirinn was in, Avery is Little Miss Sunshine.

3.  Eirinn is a germaphobe.  At almost 3, she is obsessed with having her hands clean.  After she eats, she won’t touch anything with her fingers until they’ve been washed.  Sometimes I like to be Super Mean Mom and watch her try and do things with her hands clenched in a fist.

4.  Avery’s name means elf.  Coincidentally, for the first few months of her life, she had pointy ears.  Lucky for her they lost their elvin charm.

5.  Eirinn’s name means Ireland; more specifically it taken from the Gaelic phrase “Is d’Eirinn Me”, which means “I am of Ireland.”  Which, paternally speaking, she is.

6.  Avery leaks through her diaper into her pajamas every night.  Every.  Night. 

7.  Eirinn knows the words to the Jersey Boys soundtrack.  She also knows some of the choreography. 

8.  Avery hates to be rocked to sleep.  She knows something’s up.  She prefers to be tricked.

9.  Eirinn had to be rocked to sleep.  Luckily she grew out of that because she’s heavy.

10.  Avery got her first tooth on the very same day as Eirinn did.  Same day, not same date.  The day they turned 7 months.  She has since gotten a second tooth, but this one came much faster than Eirinn’s second.

11.  Eirinn does not play well with other children her age, with the exception of her friend Lucy.  At playgroup, she mostly ignores the other kids and steals their toys.

12.  Avery had Choroid Plexus Cysts in utero.  They also thought she had an enlarged stomach, which added to the worry. 

13.  Eirinn is the first granddaughter/niece on either side of the family, which means she is the most spoiled human being alive.

14.  Avery has a full head of fine, dark blond hair.  This is a surprise because Eirinn was bald until she was over a year.

15.  Eirinn likes to make up words.  Most recently she has coined the term “Inch-kinch.”  She has even assigned it a definition.  Inch-kinch – To be both big and small, simultaneously.  Which is not good, apparently.

16.  Avery looks like Anonymous Husband and Eirinn looks like me.  Avery looks nothing like me and Eirinn looks nothing like AH.  The two of them don’t even look related.  I guess that also means AH and I don’t look related, which is always a good characteristic to have in a marriage.

17.  Eirinn would like to crawl into Cinderella’s skin and be her.

18.  Avery goes to bed late and sleeps in late.  Eirinn goes to bed early and wakes up early.  I wish they would coordinate their schedules.

19.  My favourite feature of Eirinn’s is her eyes.  They are stunningly beautiful.

20.  My favourite feature of Avery’s is her lips.  They are alarmingly gorgeous.

21.  Avery refuses to stay still during a diaper change.  She immediately rolls onto her belly.  Eirinn was the exact same way.  VERY FRUSTRATING.

22.  Eirinn ate a chicken wing this morning for breakfast.  Well, she tried to, but decided it was not delicious.  I tried to tell her it was a weird thing to have, but sometimes there’s no reasoning with her.  I wonder where she got that trait.

23.  Avery can palm a ball in her hand without separating her thumb from her fingers.  It’s like she has a suction cup for a hand.

24.  Eirinn’s favourite food is chocolate.  Atta girl.

25.  Avery hates pears with a passion hotter than the lava in Hades.  She prefers vegetables.


One thought on “25 Things

  1. #6 – You need a new brand of diapers girl!
    #8 – That was sooooo Owen.
    #9 – That was sooooo Aleah.
    #17 – LOL! Love it!
    #24 – I concur. Atta girl!

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