Update on The Plan

This weekend we started Baby Sleep Bootcamp, implementing most of  the key points in The Plan.  Two naps were taken each day, however begrudgingly.  These naps starting with a lot of crying and only lasted about a half an hour each.  That part sucked.  We even let her cry herself to sleep at night; an experiment to see how soundly Eirinn sleeps.  Apparently you could drive a dump truck through a nitroglycerin plant and not wake her because Avery did her very best to cry so loud as to wake the dead and Eirinn didn’t so much as stir.  Not even when Avery cried for an hour and a half at 4:00 in the morning.  So that’s good, but did you read the part where Avery cried for an hour and a half at 4:00 in the morning?  Yeah, that wasn’t so good.  Like I’ve said before, the girl is stubborn.

Crying herself to sleep at night seemed to help a bit initially.  Both nights she slept for about 3 or 4 hours, after she finally succumbed.  She woke up only twice, but both nights the second awakening was long.  An hour and a half and nearly an hour, respectively.  This was because she had completely soaked through her pj’s, requiring a wardrobe change at 4 in the morning.  Where did all that pee come from?  When she woke up 4 or 5 times before and ate everytime, she didn’t have that much pee. 

The element of The Plan that was not implemented this weekend was the cessation of the night feedings.  I tried not to feed her at night, I really did, and a couple of times it worked.  But the other times, I was just so exhausted and so worn down from listening to her cry for a good portion of the weekend, and it being my fault, I went for the quick fix.  Bad sleep trainer.

So I’m not convinced or unconvinced that this is going to work.  I will need more time to decide.  I’ll give it a solid week before either it starts to show dramatic improvements in her sleeping habits or I turn to another techinique.

In completely unrelated news – Never play telephone with Eirinn.  You know that game where you have a line of people and you start a whisper at one end and see what it turns into by the end of the line?  She would suck at it.  Or be really good.  Depending on what your objective is.  If you want the funniest end result possible, then she’s your girl.

She and AH were laying on the couch trying to convince me to make everyone lunch.  When I asked them what they wanted, AH whispered to Eirinn.  Eirinn smiled at me and said “Santa Witches.” (sandwiches)

While we were eating lunch, Eirinn was being her usual self – eating as slow as possible, standing on the chair, meowing like a cat.  AH said “Eirinn, you’re ridiculous.”  Eirinn crossed her arms and scowled, “I’m not dick-less.” (well…)


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