Reminders from The Rainbow

I put Eirinn to bed tonight because AH wasn’t feeling very well.  Really put her to bed, not just tucked her in and left the room.  I sang to her until she fell asleep, just like AH does every night.  I forgot how lovely that is.

Before we had Avery, putting Eirinn to bed was my job.  It had been since she was a baby and it was always one of my all time favourite things to do.  Having a child with such a large personality, it’s important to appreciate the quiet times.  But since we had Avery, AH has taken over the duty, with the exception of nights he has hockey early.  I’ve missed our one-on-one time together dearly.

Tonight, as I was laying beside her, singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow quietly to her, tickling her neck gently with my fingers, she began to doze and I realized how much I miss it.  Her cheeks were flushed from being sleepy, her body limp.  She was on her side, facing me, with her little hand tucked under her cheek.  Her gigantic, black, Snuffleupagus eyelashes closed.  She was snoring, ever so softly.  Her tiny three year old body was in her last pair of feety pajamas.

She’s perfect, and on days when she’s being a miniature teenager, I need to be reminded of that.  She’s a lot of child, if you know what I mean.  But she’s ours and she’s perfect.


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