Super Diaper to the rescue

In the past seven days, I’ve laundered Avery’s bedding exactly seven times.  Without fail, she wakes up soaked every morning.  Every.   Morning.  Soaked through her diaper, diaper shirt, pajamas, sleeping bag, positioner, fuzzy fitted sheet, and mattress cover.  Gross.  I know the night feedings are to blame, but until she’s weaned off of those (who knows when that will be), I feel like we’re destined to have the highest water bill ever.  I’m glad we made the switch to ultra concentrated detergent long ago.

I’ve tried Pampers Baby Dry (the lower end), Cruisers (the higher end), Huggies Snug & Dry (the lower end), and Natural Fit (the higher end).  Later this week I’m going to go to Walmart to try their brand, although that possible solution isn’t a very logical one as I would have to travel out of town to buy them.  Kirkland’s from Costco also isn’t much of an option because I don’t have a membership and the store is a half an hour away.  Blah.  What else can I try?

Well, tonight I’ve cobbled together what I hope will prove to be a Super Diaper.  Super Diaper!  Twice as thick as a regular diaper!  Twice as absorbant!  Twice as reliable!  Twice the leak-fighting power!  Watch out, pee.  Super Diaper is here to foil your escape.  Yeah, twice the diaper because it is literally twice the diaper.  I have a Huggies Natural Fit, size 3, on her with a leftover Pampers Baby Dry, size 6, on over top.  The poor girl has two diapers on.  Her butt is huge.


2 thoughts on “Super Diaper to the rescue

  1. We also did the two diaper trick overnight once in a while. Leaks always happened at the cottage, where there is no easy access to laundry. I ended up going back to changing Brady’s diaper once at night, just to save the sheets!

  2. Teddy Choice from Loblaws are cheap and they have never let me down. (Not the supreme ones either, just the regular, normal, basic ones.)

    My friend took her Kirkland diapers back as they were THAT bad so you’re not missing much with those.

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