Send booze

Avery has taken her first crawling steps.  Oh.  Dear.  Motherofgod.  Life as I know it is now and forever over.  I might as well give up sitting all together because lord knows I’m never going to get to do that again. 

Eirinn was on the early end of normal with her mobility, including rolling, sitting up, crawling, standing up, cruising, walking, running, two-foot jumping, somersaulting, table dancing.  Not abnormally early, but early-ish.  She started rolling at 4 months and hasn’t stopped moving since.  And I’m not bragging, I’m fishing for sympathy.

When Avery rolled right at 4 months also, I thought “here we go again.”  But when 7 months came and went and she hadn’t shown any signs of sitting up or crawling, like Eirinn had at that age, I thought I might be in the clear.  And I was for nearly two months.  But in the last three days, at almost 9 months, Avery has started to crawl short distances, has pushed and pulled and grunted her way into a sitting position, and has pulled herself up at the coffee table.  Well.  This had to happen at some point.  I didn’t think it was going to happen all at once, but it has.

So, I’m looking for free booze.  Free booze or child restraints.  Whatever you can send.


2 thoughts on “Send booze

  1. Guess you don’t want to hear that she’ll probably skip crawling and go straight to walking, huh?

    Funny how we can’t wait for their milestones, but when they come, we wish they would go back to where they were…

    Free range babies are so much more work aren’t they? 😉 Good luck Jen.

  2. I share your horror. I was so happy when my nine month old started crawling, but now, ooh man, lets see in one day I had to take the dog food away from her, move all my medicine bottles two shevels higher, move the computer and rescue the dog twice because she is always chasing her. I miss the days when I could put her on blanket surrounded by toys and leave her lol

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